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Taking Batteries a Giant Leap Forward Using Nano Technology

What We Solve
How We Do

What We Solve

Batteries are the "beating heart" of portable electronic devices, and greatly affect the quality and level of device's performance, size, weight and safety. Worldwide consumers dependence on mobile devices increases, but operation time between charges shortens, due to energy consumption properties. The global demand for batteries is expected to grow by hundreds of percent in the next decade, especially considering the growth of electric vehicles market. 

Portable electronic devices sometime consume battery power in short peaks and high frequencies, that stem from the Operating systems, the central processing unit, communications protocols (Broadcast and Data) and more elements, such as using GPS, surfing the web, Bluetooth etc. These jumps in energy consumption cause irreversible damage to the electrodes inside the battery and a very inefficient utilization of the chemically shaped energy in the battery, causing heating, swelling (expansion), explosion or fire.

How We Do It

BetteryX - Novel Approach for Energy Management & Storage based on biological processes, namely Nano Technology using Peptide Nano Tubes. 

This disruptive solution prevents Energy Loss, extends Usage Cycles, provides Exact Potential and Current, works In Tandem With Regular Battery with no hardware or software changes.


BetteryX, is built using PNT (Peptide Nano Tubes), thin layers of biological crystalline structure, with very special electrical properties. Thanks to the ability to store energy (The PNTs has 1000 times more surface area than other conducting materials), with internal resistance rather high, but still lower than that of the battery which it is attached to, BetteryX functions as a "threshold" of the battery, allowing the battery optimal fixed voltage and current, and thus dramatically improving battery efficiency and preventing heat up

X1000 Higher

Surface Area


Surface Area

Strong Bonding to Conducting Substrate

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Story

Founded in 2016, privately owned, based in Israel. A team of highly skilled industry scientists and engineers in Electro Chemistry, Biotech, Nanotech, Engineering, Business and Operations.

Our Vision

To dramatically improve, using Nano-Technology, current LiB batteries by 10 times, thus offering users a better and easier life, while not changing manufacturing facilities and processes significantly.

Intellectual Property

Unique expertise and know-how kept as secret.

What We Do

Electric Car
With Nano-Battery each charge lasts for 1000 Km at $100/kWh! 

With BetteryX you will charge every 5 days! 

Medical Devices
With BetteryX they will last longer, increase patients well-being, prevent surgery and save life!

With BetteryX you can fly drones for 3-4 hours and hundreds of Km!

What We Do


The Lab:  13 Hamazmera Street, Nes Ziona, Israel


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